Recording and Mixing

Creatio provides an award-winning chief engineer, wonderful acoustic rooms, comfortable, clean, and professional environments, and a mixture of unique audio equipment and cutting-edge technology. It is easy to see why clients return time and time again to record or mix their music at Creatio.


This procedure involves editing and compiling the required mixes and tracks in production order, cleaning up the audio to remove any unwanted corruption, and polishing the mixed sound with equalization, compression and other outboard processing. This is the last opportunity before release to ensure that the music fits together seamlessly and that it is presented in the best possible sound. Creatio has it all!


Creatio is pleased to offer complimentary consulting for our clients. Whether a studio session, live event/recording, the Creatio team can assist you in ensuring your recording project is successful from the inception to completion. Check back soon regarding Creatio’s new certificate training program, worship arts technology seminars, and sound and performance clinics.

Equipment rental

Creatio rents state of the art recording equipment and microphones for your next personal recording project. Contact us for rates, gear list, and procedures.

Rehearsal facilitation

Oftentimes the best creative ideas or recordings happen during rehearsals. Creatio can provide creative environments to rehearse in either of two state of the art studio isolation rooms or up to 6 fully equipped rehearsal rooms. Creatio can enhance your live performance stage rehearsal with access to Avid/Digidesign C24 recording console or for group rehearsals/meetings/retreats bundle together for a unique multi instrumental instruction or state of the art clinic environment.


Creatio Studios is a world class studio serving the needs of students as well. The pairing of “instructional“ and ”professional” is unique, and Northwest’s music/recording degree programs will greatly benefit as a result of students working alongside industry veterans on industry-best equipment. Find out more