About Creatio Studios

Conveniently situated on the campus of Northwest University in Kirkland Washington, just minutes from downtown Seattle, this beautiful and comfortable three studio recording complex specializes in professional audio recording services.

Our staff is dedicated to providing clients a superior recording experience and result. Creatio Studios offers all facets of recording production including tracking, mixing and mastering. We have unique expertise in recording music for film and video game scores, album projects, multi media broadcasts, church worship projects, and live events.

Our services also include recording equipment rentals and rehearsal facilities. From a rock band to a full symphony orchestra, Creatio Studios is dedicated to delivering excellence to the most discriminating artists.

Creatio Studios’ Chief Engineer and Creative Director, Steve Smith has 35 years of award winning recording production experience with numerous gold and platinum albums, including 2 Grammy winners. Creatio Studios is well equipped to transform your musical vision to reality.